About de Vos Dance studio’s

The history of dancing on Zijlweg in Haarlem has a rich tradition dating back far into the past. As far as we can trace, the dance school has been in existence since 1912, and from a certain point in history, probably somewhere in the 1950s, it was under the skillful leadership of Mr. T. Griek. It was in the studio on the first floor of this dance school where Fred and Greet de Vos met and learned their very first dance steps.

In 1964, Griek decided to expand the business and added a downstairs hall in the garden. However, it was only in 1978, when Mr. Griek reached retirement age, that he transferred the dance school to Fred and Greet. Five years later, in 1983, they decided to change the name of the school and hang it above the door as “Dance Center de Vos.” This period was characterized by the practice of ‘ballroom dancing‘, considered an essential part of nightlife and education, where everyone went to dance class together.

Versatile Dance School

From 1995, after a successful career in competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing, Frank and Romy de Vos took over the leadership of the dance school. Under their guidance, Romy introduced new dance forms. What started as a single ‘kidsswing’ class expanded into a wide range of dance styles, including street dance, hip-hop, breakdance, modern, stijldansen, salsa and much more, suitable for dance enthusiasts of all ages.

Today, the next generation of ‘de Vos’ is ready to keep the dance school fresh and contemporary. With Kirsten and Lars & Algie bringing a breath of fresh air to the business, they elevate dance lessons to an even more versatile and higher level. The result of all these efforts is showcased annually in June during the students’ final performances. The dance school remains a vibrant and thriving place where the passion for dance is passed down from generation to generation.

Dance Class in Haarlem

Vos Dance Studios is centrally located in Haarlem, just outside the city center. The dance school is easily accessible from Aerdenhout, Bennebroek, Bentveld, Bloemendaal, Driehuis, Heemstede, Overveen, Santpoort and Velserbroek. If you’re an enthusiastic dancer living a bit farther away, such as Cruquius, Halfweg, Hoofddorp, IJmuiden, Spaarndam, Vijfhuizen, Zandvoort or Zwanenburg, you are, of course, welcome at our dance school.