Ballroom dancing

Discover the enchanting world of ballroom dancing, where elegance and passion come together!

At our dance school, we welcome dance enthusiasts of all levels, whether you’re an absolute beginner or have some experience. Step into our atmospheric dance studio, where the music plays and you can feel the energy. From the graceful waltz to the sensual rumba, from the exhilarating salsa to the dynamic cha-cha-cha, you’ll experience a variety of styles that will make your heart beat faster.

Our ballroom dance classes offer more than just learning steps. You’ll discover the art of leading and following, which will enhance your communication and collaboration with your dance partner. Additionally, you’ll find that ballroom dancing is a fantastic way to improve your fitness, boost your confidence, and make new friends in a fun and social environment.

For beginners we work in blocks of 6 lessons. In the first 2 blocks we do the basics of foxtrot, cha cha and jive, and hustle, waltz and salsa and these dances are supplemented with variations in blocks 3 and 4. When you have completed the 4 blocks, you have the connection to level 2.
With this system it is possible to join a course almost at any time!

Ideally, you should sign up for these classes with a partner. If you don’t have a partner, we may be able to assist in finding one for you.
In addition to the regular classes, you can also take technique classes if you’re interested in participating in competitions.

The classes are 75 minutes long (including a 15-minute break). The fee includes a refreshment during the break (Dutch bar).

Next to all classes, individual private lessons are also possible. All private lessons are scheduled by appointment.


Monday20:30 – 21:45Ballroom dancing level 1 (blok 1 – start jan. 2025)Frank
Wednesday20:30 – 21:45Ballroom dancing level 2Frank
Friday20:00 – 21:15Ballroom dancing level 1 (Blok 1 – 6 lessons)Frank
Friday21:00 – 22:15Ballroom dancing level 3/4Frank
Sunday19:30 – 20:45Ballroom dancing level 1 (Blok 1 – 6 lessons)Frank
Sunday20:30 – 21:45Ballroom dancing level 3/4Frank
Lesson for season 24/25 will start from September 13.


The 1st block of the beginners course consists of 6 weeks of lessons including a drink during the break and costs €95 per person. The 2nd block starts in November.

For the other advanced groups, the fee is €360 when paid in full before 1 October. If you pay in terms then it is 2x €190 to be paid in September and January.

They are lessons of 75 minutes (incl. 15 minutes break). The rate includes a drink during the break (Hollandse bar).

Private lessons are €80 per hour per couple


Can I also do a trial lesson first?

That is certainly possible, you can do the first lesson from September 22 as a trial lesson without obligation. Press the button ‘trial lesson’ and fill in the form, then you will immediately be on the guest list.

Do you need to sign up with a partner?

This is not mandatory, but it gives the certainty that you can follow the course. If you come without a partner, we can see if we can find a partner for you, but the difference between men and women cannot be too big.

Are there moments to practice?

Every Friday from 22:15 there is room to practice after classes and to chat a bit. We call that ‘danscafe’, entrance is free!