Cuban Salsa

The Cuban Salsa classes are provided by the Salsa dance school ‘Sabor de Cuba.’ The dance instructor is Jose Luis Pelayo from Havana, Cuba. He is a professional dancer who specializes in various traditional Cuban dance styles. His knowledge and love for dance make his lessons passionate and unique. José offers his students more than just Cuban Salsa; he introduces them to the diverse Cuban dance styles. José dances with cool footwork, versatility, style, elegance, and possesses a vast repertoire of dance patterns. Whether it’s smooth body movement or something beautiful and elegant from Cuban Salsa, Rumba, Son, or Afro, he delivers it subtly yet with immense power. He creates a pleasant atmosphere that feels like a vacation in Cuba.


Woensdag20:30 – 21:30Salsa Cubana (semi-gevorderd)Jose Luis Pelayo
Donderdag20:10 – 21:10Salsa Cubana (beginners 1)Jose Luis Pelayo
Donderdag21:10 – 22:10Salsa Cubana (beginners 2)Jose Luis Pelayo
Vrijdag20:30 – 21:30Salsa Cubana (gevorderd)Jose Luis Pelayo


Block of 10 lessons for €110 per person.


Can I do a trial lesson before registering?

Yes, that is always possible. It does depend on how far we are in the block of 10 lessons and what experience you have. For example, if we are in lesson 6 of the block, then a trial lesson without experience is not useful and it is better to wait until a new block starts.

Can I also register alone or do I have to do it with a partner?

With a partner you have the guarantee that you can also take the course, without a partner it depends on the ratio of men and women. But you can always do a trial lesson.

What shoes do I wear?

Wear shoes that you can move comfortably in. Shoes with a lot of grip may not be useful, but it is a matter of trying out some differences, then you will eventually find the shoes that work best.