Wedding dance

A wedding celebration is not complete without a first dance. We are here to help you with that too. We create a custom-made dance specifically tailored to you and can also adjust/mix the music according to your preferences. We look for your abilities and adapt the dance accordingly. We offer a standard package that includes an introductory meeting for us to get acquainted and discuss your wishes, 3 one-hour private lessons, and a music mix for €210. However, there are more options available. You may consider an additional lesson with family members to teach or refresh their dancing skills, a groom’s dance, or a workshop as part of a bachelor/bachelorette outing.

Individual private lessons without a package are also possible, costing €80 per couple per hour. All lessons are scheduled by appointment.

If you are still looking for a venue for your celebration, we can help with that too. Many satisfied couples have come to us before!


Package for opening dance of intake, 3 private lessons and possible music mix – €210,-
Single private lessons – €80 per hour per couple.
With several couples or as a group price on request.


Do we need dance experience to learn a fun opening dance?

Certainly not, of course it helps, but we have also been able to help people without experience or with 2 ‘left feet’ often enough. We adapt the dance to your wishes and skills.

How far in advance should we start?

That of course depends on how difficult you want to make it yourself and how quickly you pick it up. But as a rule we manage just fine with three lessons and if you start about 2 months in advance you also have enough time to practice in between.

Do we have to supply the music ourselves?

Many bridal couples nowadays have the wish to do it to certain music, perhaps a song that you have something with or that you just like. Others want to do a special dance, so we have to find the right music for it. We can always discuss this in advance. If you have no idea, we can of course also make suggestions.