Hip-hop / Street dance

Discover the power and energy of hip-hop and street dance in our incredible dance classes! Are you ready to move, groove, and develop your own unique style? This is your chance to conquer the dance floor!

At our dance school, we understand that dancing is not just about learning cool moves, but also about discovering self-expression, building confidence, and forming friendships. Our experienced and passionate instructors will guide and inspire you as you develop your skills and uncover your own dance personality.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or already have some dance experience, our classes are designed to cater to every level. We start with the basics and gradually build up, allowing you to improve your skills step by step. You will not only learn the latest hip-hop and street dance moves but also the techniques, rhythms, and choreographies that make this style so exciting.

Our dance classes are more than just training. It’s a place where you can be yourself, share your passion for dance with like-minded dancers. You will make new friendships and perform together during the end-of-year showcases.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us in a world full of rhythm, beats, and creativity! Enroll in our hip-hop and street dance classes today and discover the joy of dancing. Let your talent shine and become part of a dance community that will motivate and support you on your journey to dance success. Join us and set the dance floor on fire!

The classes are divided into different age categories. From 10-12 years old (group 7, 8, and first year of secondary school) we have the teens, then 13+, 16+, and separate classes for adults.

From April 1, it is no longer possible to take a trial lesson because we are already well into the preparations for our final performances and otherwise you would only be lagging behind. This is possible again in our last week of classes before the summer holidays, which is from June 24. You can already register for this using the button below.


Monday16:00 – 16:45Mini-Kids Street dance (4-6 yrs)Malita
Monday16:00 – 16:45Hip-hop Boys Only (6-8 yrs)Victor
Monday16:45 – 17:30Kids Street dance / Hip-hop (7-9 yrs)Malita
Monday16:45 – 17:30Hip-hop Boys Only (9-11 yrs)Victor
Monday17:30 – 18:30Teens Street dance / Hip-hop (10-12 yrs)Victor
Monday18:30 – 19:30Hip-hop (13-15 yrs)Valerie
Monday19:30 – 20:30Hip-hop / Streetddance adultsAlgie
Tuesday16:15 – 17:00Kids Street dance / Hip-hop (7-9 yrs)Genevieve
Tuesday17:00 – 18:00Teens Street dance / Hip-hop (10-12 yrs)Genevieve
Tuesday18:00 – 19:00Hip-hop (13-15 yrs)Genevieve
Tuesday19:00 – 20:00Hip-hop 16+Kenya
Tuesday20:00 – 21:00Feminine 18+Kenya
Tuesday20:00 – 21:00Heels 18+Kirsten
Thursday16:15 – 17:00Kids Street dance / Hip-hop (7-9 yrs)Kenya
Thursday17:00 – 18:00Teens Street dance / Hip-hop (10-12 yrs)Kenya


The length of the lesson determines the price. Minikids, kids and boys only dance for 45 minutes, teens and older for an hour.

Lesson of 45 minutes;
€ 265 or in 2 terms of € 140 in September and January.

Lesson of 60 minutes (<21 years);
€315 or in 2 terms of €165 in September and January.

Lesson of 60 minutes (adults >20 yrs) ;
€365 or in 2 terms of €190 in September and January.
Punchcard 10x €130,-, single lesson €14,-
(with the use of punchcard or single lessons you pay once an additional fee of €20 for membership)

The amount can also be paid in 10 monthly terms via direct debit. You choose the method of payment when registering.

Click here for the entire rate overview.


If I have done a trial lesson, can I also register immediately if I like it?

That is certainly possible, if you can do a trial lesson, there is always room to register for the same group. If the group is full, you cannot do a trial lesson in that group.

Which clothes should I wear?

For street dance/hip-hop, it’s best to wear clothes that allow you to move well and freely, so skinny jeans aren’t very handy. also make sure you don’t get too hot in it too quickly, dancing is quite intensive, so a t-shirt is always good. It is also important that you wear clean sports shoes / sneakers.

Are we also going to perform with our dance group?

Yes, at the end of the season we organize the annual final performances in the theater. That’s a fantastic end to the dance year where you can show your dancing skills on stage to all your friends and family!