Salsa LA-Style

Salsa, a current trend, is included in our ballroom dance courses, but we also offer it as a separate course for the enthusiasts. Get ready to move your feet to tropical rhythms. When it comes to Salsa, you can roughly distinguish between two styles: Salsa (LA-style) and Cuban Salsa. We offer classes for both styles.

Our Salsa LA-style lessons are combined with Bachata, a dance that is also popular at all Salsa parties nowadays.

We work with blocks of 10 lessons, the next time to join is from Monday February 26. Press the ‘trial lesson’ button and complete the form, and you will immediately be placed on the guest list. (note, choose the first lesson of the next block as the correct date for the trial lesson) A trial lesson costs €10 per person. If you want to be sure of your place, you can also register right away!


Monday19:40 – 20:30Salsa LA/Bachata beginners 1Stephen
Monday20:30 – 21:20Salsa LA/Bachata intermediateStephen
Monday21:20 – 22:10Salsa LA/Bachata beginners 2Stephen


For the Salsa lessons we work with blocks of 10 lessons for €110 per person


Can I do a trial lesson before registering?

Yes, that is always possible. It does depend on how far we are in the block of 10 lessons and what experience you have. For example, if we are in lesson 6 of the block, then a trial lesson without experience is not useful and it is better to wait until a new block starts.

Can I also register alone or do I have to do it with a partner?

With a partner you have the guarantee that you can also take the course, without a partner it depends on the ratio of men and women. But you can always do a trial lesson.

Which shoes should I wear?

Wear shoes that you can move comfortably in. Shoes with a lot of grip may not be useful, but it is a matter of trying out some differences, then you will eventually find the shoes that work best.