Welcome to our modern dance classes! Here, you will discover the power of movement, the expression of emotion, and the boundless possibilities of your body. Modern dance is a unique art form that breaks traditional boundaries and creates a new language in which you can express yourself.

In our classes, we draw inspiration from the diversity and dynamism of contemporary dance styles. We combine technical skills with creative freedom, allowing you to find your own voice in movement. Whether you’re a beginner or have previous experience, everyone is welcome to join our modern dance classes.

Our instructors encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, explore new movement patterns, and discover your own unique style. Through improvisation, choreography, and technical exercises, you will further develop your physical and creative abilities.

In our modern dance classes, it’s not just about technique; it’s also about expression. You will learn to use your body as an instrument and dance with passion, energy, and intention.

So, if you’re ready to broaden your dance horizons, join us!

The lessons of season 23/24 will start from Monday, September 11th. The first week of lessons is an OPEN-LESSON WEEK where you can try out various classes with a trial lesson. During this week, the trial lesson is free. After that, if there’s still space, you can still take a trial lesson, but it will cost €10, which will be deducted from the (remaining) tuition fee upon registration. Click the ‘trial lesson’ button and fill out the form to get on the guest list immediately. If you want to secure your spot, you can also register right away!


Thursday18:00 – 19:00Modern teens (11-13 jaar)Algie
Thursday19:00 – 20:00Modern 14+Algie
Thursday20:00 – 21:00Modern adultsAlgie


The modern/contemporary classes are 60-minute classes.

Lesson of 60 minutes (<21 years);
€315 or in 2 terms of €165 in September and January.

Lesson of 60 minutes (adults >20 yrs) ;
€365 or in 2 terms of €190 in September and January.
Punch-card 10x €130,-, single lesson €14,-

The fee can also be paid in 10 monthly terms via direct debit. You choose the method of payment when registering.


If I have done a trial lesson, can I also register immediately if I like it?

That is certainly possible, if you can do a trial lesson, there is always room to register for the same group. If the group is full, you cannot do a trial lesson in that group.

Which clothes should I wear?

For modern/contemporary it is best to wear clothes that allow you to move well and freely, so skinny jeans are not so handy, but sports leggings are. Also make sure you don’t get too hot in it too quickly, dancing is quite intensive, so a t-shirt is always good. Modern dance is often done barefoot or with socks. The best are specially developed ‘feet-undies’, which are also available from us.

Are we also going to perform with our dance group?

Yes, at the end of the season we organize the annual final performances in the theater. That’s a fantastic end to the dance year where you can show your dancing skills on stage to all your friends and family!