Selection classes

The selection classes are combined lessons with hip-hop and modern and of a higher level than the regular classes.

We have divided these lessons into different age groups and levels.
If you also want to dance in a selection group, you have to audition for it.

Sign up for the auditions on June 29th using the form in the link below.
The audition for the selectie (selection), vooropleiding (pre-education) and demo teams is on Saturday 29 June, divided into blocks and by age. You will be taught a short choreography and you will show it in groups. We film that and then evaluate it. It is a snapshot, if you have been dancing with us for a longer period of time, we will also include previous experiences in the evaluation.

We select according to age and level, so it may be that someone with a high level is placed in an older age category or vice versa.

Audition time slots on Saturday June 29. (subject to change and depending on the number of registrations);

10:00-11:30 – selection, pre-education, 7-11 yrs
12:00-14:00 – selection, pre-education, 12+ yrs
14:30-15:30 – demo team(s) modern
15:30-17:30 – hip-hop demo teams
17:30-18:00 – demo team THE FOXADELICS

The audition for THE FOXADELICS is an extra (2nd) audition round, so you can only do it if you have also done the first round from 15:30-17:30.
We do an extra round for this team because we also want to do more with it. For example, participation in a TV show, competition(s) abroad and therefore extra training hours. If you want to be eligible for this, you must take this into account and also full it in the form.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

For Ballroom & Latin dance, there are also opportunities to participate in competitions. If you want to know more, send an email with your question and indicate your potential ambitions.


Wednesday16:30 – 18:30Selectie 2AKirsten/Mickela
Wednesday17:30 – 19:30Selectie 3Kirsten/Mickela
Wednesday18:30 – 20:30Selectie 4Kirsten/Mickela
Friday16:00 – 17:30Selectie 1AKirsten/Victor
Friday16:00 – 17:30Selectie 1BKirsten/Victor
Friday17:30 – 19:30selectie 2BKirsten/Victor


Selections have a double lesson per week.

Lesson of 1.5 hours (selection 1) €460 or in 10 terms of €47.50 from September to June by direct debit.

Lesson of 2 hours (selection 2 to 4) €605 or in 10 terms of €62 from September to June by direct debit.

We offer ‘stack discounts’ for students who dance several hours a week. Click on the button below for the full rate overview.


Can anyone sign up for a selection group?

No that is not possible. You must first audition for the selection. We always have that at the end of a season. If you missed this one, but the new season hasn’t started yet, you can always send an email with your ambitions and motivation, perhaps we can help you in another way.

If I want to quit mid-season, is that possible?

You can always stop, only in this case you will pay for the entire season. You have auditioned for these classes and agreed to the terms and conditions. Because you audition for these classes, it is not possible for us to fill vacancies halfway through.

Do we also do performances with the selection groups?

Yes, at the end of the season we organize the annual final performances in the theater. That’s a fantastic end to the dance year where you can show your dancing skills on stage to all your friends and family!