Boys Only Hip-hop

Discover the power of rhythm, the energy of movement, and the freedom of expression! Hip-hop dance classes offer an unforgettable experience filled with fun, creativity, and personal development.

Our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals of hip-hop dancing, including cool moves, impressive choreography, and developing your own unique style.

What makes our hip-hop dance classes for boys so special? You’ll be surrounded by like-minded boys who share the same passion. The dynamics in such a group are different from a mixed group. Together, you form a tight-knit community where everyone supports and inspires each other to bring out their best.

Hip-hop is more than just dancing; it’s a culture. You’ll dance to the latest beats and the most exciting tracks, elevating your energy and enthusiasm to new heights.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in our hip-hop dance classes today and become part of a dynamic and vibrant dance family. Develop your talents and embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with rhythm and movement. Let’s dance!

There are two boys’ groups on Mondays: one for ages 6-8 and another for ages 9 and older.

From April 1, it is no longer possible to take a trial lesson because we are already well into the preparations for our final performances and otherwise you would only be lagging behind. This is possible again in our last week of classes before the summer holidays, which is from June 24. You can already register for this using the button below.


Monday16:00 – 16:45Hip-hop Little Boys Only (6, 7 en 8 jaar)Victor
Monday16:45 – 17:30Hip-hop Boys Only (basisschool, v.a. 9 jaar)Victor


The boys only lessons are lessons of 45 minutes.
The rate for this lesson is €265,- for the entire season when paid in one go before October 1. You then have a €15,- discount. If you pay in 2 terms, it will be €140,- in September and €140,- in January. You can also pay in 10 monthly terms of €28,- by direct debit.


If I have done a trial lesson, can I register immediately?

That is certainly possible, if you can do a trial lesson, there is always room to register for the same group. If the group is full, you cannot do a trial lesson in that group.

What clothes do I wear to hip-hop?

For hip-hop or street dance, it is best to wear clothes that allow you to move well and freely, so skinny jeans are not very handy. Also make sure you don’t get too hot in it too quickly, hip-hop is quite intensive, so a t-shirt is always good.

Do we get lessons from a male or female teacher?

Of course you want a good example, so with the boys the teacher is also a ‘boy’!