heels 18+

In this new class we develop fundamental techniques for dancing in heels that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

This class involves more than just choreography. We also integrate catwalk exercises and work on fine-tuning your stage skills as you learn how to pick up dance routines and memorize choreography.

In this exciting new class, you’ll learn the techniques to walk gracefully and dance in heels so you feel comfortable and confident. Our experienced instructors will guide you through picking up dance routines and effortlessly memorizing choreography.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, our classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, so everyone can join in and enjoy the appeal of dancing in heels.

While the emphasis of the class is on dancing in high heels, it’s important to note that wearing heels is not required!

Join the Heels Classes and discover the transformative power of dancing in heels.

The lessons of season 23/24 start from Monday 11 September. The first lesson week is OPEN-LES-WEEK in which you can try out all kinds of lessons with a trial lesson. The trial lesson is for free during this week. After that, if there is still room, you can still do a trial lesson, but then it will cost €10.
Press the button ‘trial lesson’ and fill in the form, you will immediately be on the guest list. If you want to be sure of your place, you can of course also register right away!


Tuesday20:00 – 21:00Feminine 18+Kenya
Tuesday20:00 – 21:00Heels 18+Kirsten


Lesson of 60 minutes (<21 years);
€315 or in 2 terms of €165 in September and January.

Lesson of 60 minutes (adults >20 yrs) ;
€365 or in 2 terms of €190 in September and January.
Punchcard 10x €130,-, single lesson €14,-
(with the use of punchcard or single lessons you pay once an additional fee of €20 for membership)

The fee can also be paid in 10 monthly terms via direct debit. You choose the method of payment when registering.


If I have done a trial lesson, can I also register immediately if I like it?

That is certainly possible, if you can do a trial lesson, there is always room to register for the same group. If the group is full, you cannot do a trial lesson in that group.

I can’t attend the lesson every week, can I still participate?

You can also follow all lessons for adults separately or with a punchcard. When registering, you choose a season ticket or punchkaart.

Which shoes should I wear for this class?

It is of course about dancing in heels, so wearing heels is definitely recommended. You determine the height of the heel yourself. Although the focus is on dancing in heels, it is also possible to take the class in sneakers.

I’ve never walked in heels, let alone dance.. Can I join?

Yes, this lesson is for anyone who wants to learn it. Through exercises you learn the right balance and techniques to walk and dance elegantly and confidently in heels.