Kids Hip-hop / Street dance

Discover the magic of dance with our enchanting dance classes for children aged 4 and up!

We believe that dance is not only an artistic expression but also a fantastic way for children to have fun, build confidence, and express their creative energy. That’s why we have developed a unique program specifically designed to introduce young dancers to the wonderful world of dance in a playful and stimulating manner.

Our experienced and passionate dance teachers pay attention to the individual needs of each child. They create a safe and supportive environment where the little ones feel comfortable taking their first dance steps. Our classes are carefully designed to develop children’s physical skills, coordination, sense of rhythm, and expression while simultaneously nurturing their imagination and creativity.

They learn basic movements, simple choreographies, and dance games that enhance their motor skills and strengthen their sense of music. Additionally, we encourage children to explore and improvise their own dance movements, allowing them to showcase their unique personalities.

Whether your child wants to become an experienced dancer or simply have fun and make new friends, our dance classes offer an adventurous journey filled with joy, learning, and growth. Moreover, they provide a wonderful way to channel your child’s energy in a positive manner.

The classes are divided into different age categories. We have a Minikids class for ages 4-6 and Kids classes for ages 7-9. From the age of 10 (7th grade elementary school), they transition to the Teens class.

From April 1, it is no longer possible to take a trial lesson because we are already well into the preparations for our final performances and otherwise you would only be lagging behind. This is possible again in our last week of classes before the summer holidays, which is from June 24. You can already register for this using the button below.


Monday16:00 – 16:45Mini-Kids Street dance (4-6 jaar)Malita
Monday16:00 – 16:45Hip-hop Boys Only (6-8 jaar)Victor
Monday16:45 – 17:30Kids Street dance / Hip-Hop (7-9 jr)Malita
Monday16:45 – 17:30Hip-hop Boys Only (9-11 jaar)Victor
Tuesday16:15 – 17:00Kids Street dance / Hip-HopGenevieve
Thursday16:15 – 17:00Kids Street dance / Hip-HopKenya


All kids lessons for children up to the age of 10 are lessons of 45 minutes.
The rate for this lesson is €265 for the entire season when paid in one go before October 1. You then have a €15 discount. If you pay in 2 terms, it will be €140 in September and €140 in January. You can also pay in 10 monthly terms of €28 by direct debit.


What clothes should I wear?

For street dance/hip-hop it is best to wear clothes that allow you to move well and freely, so skinny jeans or a pencil skirt are not very handy. Also make sure you don’t get too hot in it too quickly, dancing is quite intensive, so a t-shirt is always good.

I still have a pair of ballet shoes, can I wear them to the dance lessons?

We do not recommend that, our floor is not a ballet floor but parquet, and that is often too slippery for such shoes. Clean sport shoes/sneakers with grip is best!

Can I still register for the same group after the trial lesson, or will I be placed on a waiting list?

That is certainly possible, if you can do a trial lesson, there is always room to register for the same group. If the group is full, you cannot do a trial lesson in that group, but we can put you on a waiting list.